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Sugar Daddy Meet - Review by Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Review of Top 10 Sugar Momma Dating Sites - #1 Sugar Daddy Meet

For over 10 years, SugarDaddyMeet has been providing an active and safe online community for rich Sugar Mommas to find relationships with younger men. The tagline of SugarDaddyMeet is "Sugar Makes Life Sweeter", which clearly expressed the will of the site designers - They want to lower the difficulty of seeking sugar relationships. Under such an idea of the development, SugarDaddyMeet wins the customers and the markets. It has been always ranked No.1 on many sugar dating review sites since 2015.

As you know, there are so many people never find a sugar momma relationship even they were paid a lot of effort. Is this kind of arrangement very difficult to look for? Obviously, the answer is no! Those who fail incline to blame the luck for their failure, and ignore the importance of the right dating site. The key to find a sugar momma relationship is find yourself a good sugar momma dating site. But, there are so many sugar momma dating sites on the web, which is the most effictive and the least annoying? After a team of our professional reviewer' analysis , we found that the top choice among all sugar momma dating sites is Sugar Daddy Meet. Now, we took a closer look at Sugar Daddy Meet for you! If you are interested in this site and doesn't know how it works? Read this first!

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Getting Started (free for registering and trial)

The registration process is very simple, you can sign up with email or log in with Facebook. But a real good sugar momma dating site should get its new members a chance to test the water before upgrate. You don't want a dating site alway ask you for money, do you? Don't worry, the good new is that except join sugardaddymeet is completely free, and you don't need to pay one penny for using many basic feartures, such as create a profile, send messages, perform a quick search, verify photos etc.

Meanwhile, The simple registration process doesn't mean that the quality of user profiles is low. Every single profile on sugardaddymeet has been manually verified by their administrators who compare accounts against various social channels. Sugar Daddy Meet is not only strict about approving e-mails, but also they are strict about users having to complete their profiles. Any suspicious profiles will be temporarily suspended till they get the approval of the administrators. Some behaviors are disallowed, including upload fake, porn and child photos,add contact information in the bio,ask other users for money, spam etc.

What Can SugarDaddyMeet Offer? (Serious Security & Privacy Protection)

Sugar momma and sugar boys are both private people, SugarDaddyMeet kind of understand this point. So the building a very strict privacy protection plan. Firstly, they guaranteed that they never provide any data about users to any third parties. Secondly, SugarDaddyMeet has launched many unquie features to make sure their users can take full control of their private information. Such as set the private album, automatically shield the scammers,24/7 Customer service.

Pricing (Optimal differential price & Support Refunds)

Base on the different economic status of their users, SugarDaddyMeet adopt a flexible pricing strategy. For relative lower-income sugar babies and sugar boys, the monthly membership fee is $25(50 percent off), which is quite affordable. For relative higher-income sugar mommas/daddies, the monthly membership fee is $50, which is reasonable. Within a month, if you think that you doesn't get what you pay for, you can get your money back, becase SugarDaddyMeet support refunds without any strings attached.

  • Prices on PC website and mobile site:
    • 1 month subscription: $50
    • 3 months subscription: $90
    • 6 months subscription: $144

  • Prices on iPhone and Android apps:
    • 1 month subscription: $64.99
    • 3 months subscription: $109.99
    • 6 months subscription: $169.99

Special Features

  • Real-time Chat. Once you found a profile you are interested in,you can chat with them through the real-time chat without waiting for a long time, effectively and comfortably.

  • Information Recorder. The amount of other users' information you can obtain is very important to you dating. through this feature, you can get much useful information, such as how often a user replies, others' last login time, who view your profile, view new/verified members, etc.

  • First Date Gift. If you don't know how to start interacting with someone you like, the First Date Gift is a useful feature to break the ice, which will reduce or eliminate shyness.

  • Advanced Search. You can perform advanced searches and save the search criteria. This feature allows you to narrow down the search result and find the target matches based on the city and the distance you prefer.

  • Get photo and income verified. If you are a real high-income sugar momma or attractive young man, why not get a certification? You know, this will greatly improve your chances of getting a date.

  • Highlight You. Your profile will show up at the very top in searches. This makes the situation advantageous for you to get more attention.

  • Real-time Support. Whether you are looking for dating advice or giving feedback, The 24/7 Customer Service will be happy to assist you with your questions and suggestions.

  • View certified sugar mommas. You don't want to meet and date a fake sugar momma, do you? So this feature make sure you can avoid the scammer and connect with a genuine wealthy ladies.


  • 20 years of experience in online dating
  • Free to test the water
  • The female/male ratio tends to be 30/70
  • Every single profile has been manually verified
  • Higher chance of getting a date
  • Lot of active memeber
  • Feartures that effictive and easy to use
  • Protect your privacy well
  • No hidden cost
  • Mobile Integration (Android, iOS)
  • Reasonable member fee


  • Some countries are not available
  • some problems in page design
  • subscription will be auto-renewed

Final Verdict

SugarDaddyMeet is a great online community that matches sugar momma with sugar boys (and vice versa) together. The idea behind the development of it is something that makes it stand out from the crowd. To simplify your process of seeking a sugar momma relationship, they launched so many unique features that are simple and easy to use. Because of its strict account moderation, you can easily find plenty of genuine rich ladies here more than any other sugar momma sites. But all of the above is not the best part of SugarDaddyMeet. The serious security and Privacy Protection is the real reason why it can be the NO.1 high-quality sugar momma dating site. If you are only allowed to pick one dating site, Sugar Daddy Meet is definitely the right choice.

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