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Ashley Madison - Review by Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5

Review of top 10 sugar momma dating site - #6 Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a site started in 2001, with its feature to help people develop all kinds of secrete relationships such as finding a mate or several mates at the same time, or any unrestrained mate relations you can imagine. And all the mates you can find here are from all parts of the world and working in different fields, which means that it can best meet your demand for various sugar relationships. Since all the relationships are secreted, the user’s privacy will be assured and never be your worry. Besides that, hundreds of communication services provided here are easier for the development of an impressive relationship.

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Getting Started

So quick you can have your own account here. Some private information is required to upload when signing in as follows. (Birth of date, location, marital status( largely to do with your payment), username, password, your E-mail.)

We suggest you having a new E-mail in Gmail or Hotmail to protect your privacy. Also, no public account should be used to sign in or you will to a great degree lose your privacy.


For a novice with Guest membership, the privileges can be enjoyed include checking others’ profiles, sharing photos, and greeting others for free. Sometime later, they will face the choices of credit and subscription to continue this right. If you are not with a membership, only females can check the men’s profiles for free, while if you want to know a female’s information, then some dollars should be paid by cards or subscription packages.

  • Basic Plan: 59.00 USD/100 Credits (0.59 USD / Credit)
  • Classic Plan: 169.00 USD/500 Credits (0.34 USD / Credit)
  • Elite Plan: 289.00 USD/1,000 Credits (0.29 USD / Credit)

Ashley Madison always puts the privacy of the users in the first place, which needs some systems to prevent hackers’ intervention. As a result, the price maybe a little bit higher after your comparison, while you can be reassuring to enjoy your mateship here, which is absolutely worth having a try.

Special Features

  • Customized chatting site: Where you can send personal messages, and collect messages, which as the basic function to contact others. Also, the emoji of a wink can be sent as a greeting message. And the priority message can be used to let it be seen by the other side at first.
  • Priority message: As mentioned above, this can make your message appear in the top when others check his or her message. That is more hopeful for you to get much attention from others.
  • Golden status: It will put your profile in the top three when others work on the searching line.
  • Quick Reply: you can take advantage of this feature to send millions of “hello” to loads of people simultaneously to show you will only have a further talk after getting their complete information.
  • Traveling partner: Travelling outside will not be a problem for you to find your partner.
  • Notifications: With that function, at any time you can find the best-matched one locally, and know the changes in service.


  • Highly confidential to all your private information
  • Never-stopping support and service
  • Comprehensive conversation and many editing tools
  • Experienced in dating for 17 years
  • Accessible for all in the world
  • A partner can be found when travelling
  • Free for sugar male babies


  • A little bit higher price
  • A longer time to approve
  • Too Similar to SugarDaddyMeet
  • Some scandals on not enough in privacy protection

Final Verdict

All in all, Ashley Madison is a platform for you to locate the like-minded sugar momma seekers by offering various choices of matches. And also, the strict protection for your privacy can better your experience in the process. With all the fantastic services available here, it is no doubt that this site can complement your daily life and your lonely inner heart. So, if you are right the one who is seeking an attractive sugar boy or a wealthy and mature sugar momma, then it will definitely be your final destination of home. Time waits no man, what you need to do is just signing in for the site, and then go into your dating paradise.

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