How to Ask for A Reasonable Allowance from A Sugar Momma?

How to Ask for A Reasonable Allowance from A Sugar Momma ?

The sugar momma dating is a dating sense or lifestyle for young men seeking financial support from their rich partners. Thus, of course, getting an allowance is the sugar boy's final target. But I think, many newbies are not quite sure what is a reasonable sugar boy allowance to ask for. Based on this, we compile some useful tips for setting a sugar boy allowance.

Tips on setting Sugar Boy Allowance

  • Win a long-term and stable arrangement is more important than a higher allowance. keeping bear in mind that you may be just a flirting lover for her, which is short-term and is mostly without the true cares from her like she treats her family members. So you need to know her tolerance for you and her tap for the allowance. That can help you better maintain this beneficial relationship longer.

  • Be clear and easygoing about the money, but not too business-like. Always be rational and easygoing as to the amount of money your sugar momma gives to you. Sometimes, the less amount doesn't mean that she is miserly with her money, maybe just because she is short of money currently, so You should express your understanding while not your intransigence and bad temper. Sometimes, her generosity doesn't mean that you should ask for more money, you know, as successful women, sugar mommas know exactly the real value of most things, so sugar boys should learn to be satisfied, understand that to be thankful.

  • Set a reasonable sugar boy allowance range, let sugar momma tell you the specific price. The sugar relationship is not like a one-time deal, sometimes, sugar momma and sugar boy will discuss the specific amount of the sugar boy monthly allowance after they have several meetups. So you should set up your sugar boy allowance ranges in advance and make sure your female partner knows it before. This is a sensible move that will help you free from situations such as being underpriced or scare off a potential sugar momma with a huge number, You need to keep the mystery alive without saying the specific price, focus o on win sugar momma‘s favor, just give her a price range, let her tell you how much she would want to pay for you.

  • Do a background check on your potential sugar momma, then set up your price with the specific conditions. Usually, married sugar momma will spare more effort and money in her own family, correspondingly, what you can get from them will be less than the single sugar mommas. So that is to mean less allowance required for those married women, of course excluding the elite businesswomen. And you can relatively ask more for those who are single.

  • Let your profile work for you. If you want to avoid the embarrassment of discussing the allowance directly, you can hang the price up in your profile, so that everyone checking your profile will naturally know it. this way has both its advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage is that you can save the time and energy on bargaining with the potential sugar mommas, and the disadvantage is that you may make a negative and snobbish impression for others and lose some chances to win a real sugar momma.

Things You Should Not Do

  • Never burst out a huge number before knowing the financial stance of your sugar momma, because it will lead to an embarrassing situation if it is beyond her affordability.
  • If you wanna ask something or have any requirements, please be straight, which will make the conversation more efficient.
  • Finding the right person according to your needs. If you wanna more allowance, you'd better go to the metropolis.
  • Do not cover the unnecessary expenses by yourself. Things like eating out or traveling or even some daily stuff that you need should be within the responsibility of your sugar mom.
  • Try to spend more time on adapting your sugar momma. For this, you can make more money from her.

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