Spotting Fake Sugar Mommas on Sugar Dating Websites: 10 Crucial Tips for Your Safety

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According to the survey, in most cases, the people you encounter during the first two weeks of using the 'sugar momma' app are scammers/salt. It is important to note that this is not a new phenomenon and scammers/salt sugar mommas are an integral part of the sugar bowl.

Therefore, if you want to succeed in the world of sugar dating, firstly you need to accept the fact and not be afraid of encountering scammers. Secondly, you must learn how to identify scammers/salt sugar mommas and know how to protect yourself. Here are 10 very useful tips we have summarized for you to help you kick those guys out of your contact list.

Scammer Identifier #1: Fake profile photos.

If you are unsure whether you are chatting with a scammer or a salt sugar momma, you can always search for her profile photos on Google Images or on at any time. If you find the same photo, it indicates that this person is using a fake photo to conceal their true identity

Scammer Identifier #2: Having a perfect dating profile.

In addition to having great profile photos, her profile description is also almost perfect. Young, wealthy, single, and sincere are often used to describe themselves. But when you search for their description on Google, you will find many identical versions, which are likely generated by AI. Let's face it: a truly perfect sugar momma never lacks admirers. Do you think you are lucky enough to meet a perfect sugar momma? Or should you stay sober?

Scammer Identifier #3: Not having income verification on the website.

Most sugar momma dating sites offer an income verification feature. During conversations, fake sugar mommas always claim to be very wealthy, but if you pay attention, you will find they have not passed the income verification process. Moreover, they are not even premium members. It is hard to imagine that a wealthy woman would be unwilling to verify their income on a sugar momma site.

Scammer Identifier #4: Promise a high allowance before meeting.

Most scammers promise a high allowance before meeting to make you hesitant and think, "But what if it's real? Should I give it a try?" In fact, Sugar Mommas is a group of savvy and successful women who would never offer an unusually high allowance to a sugar boy they have never met before.

Scammer Identifier #5: Asking You for Nude Photos.

Fake sugar mommas often request your nude photos right at the beginning of the conversation. They might use excuses like 'it's a test' to pressure you into sending them. In reality, real sugar mommas, who are genuinely interested in you, will not do this. If you encounter a potential sugar momma who asks for your nude photos right from the start, she is likely a typical salt sugar momma. Block her and move on; she doesn't have anything to offer you.

Scammer Identifier #6:If all they want is sex.

Most sugar mommas expect intimacy as part of the dynamic, so it's likely that sex might come into play at some point—but it shouldn't be the main focus of the conversation. You are looking for a stable sugar relationship, not a transaction based on sex. However, scammers and fake sugar mommas are just looking for free sex, so they always try to steer the conversation towards sex and use excuses like 'it's a test' to pressure you into providing sexual services for them.

Scammer Identifier #7. Asking for Your Payment Account.

Scammers or salt sugar mommas often use the excuse of giving you money to request your bank account. Remember, a real sugar mommy will never ask for your payment account before establishing a sugar relationship with you. So, any potential sugar momma attempting to obtain your bank account information is a scammer. Protecting your privacy and bank details is the first rule of safety.

Scammer Identifier #8. Requesting to Move the Current Conversation to Another Platform.

If a potential 'sugar momma' attempts to give you a phone number or email right at the beginning of the conversation, urging you to shift the conversation from the current sugar momma dating site to a different dating platform, there's a high probability that she is a scammer. Most likely, her intention is to evade monitoring by the website staff or persuade you to send her money. Block her and continue your search for the next suitable candidate.

Scammer Identifier #9. The First Offline Meeting Is Set in a Private Place.

When it comes to your personal safety, be aware that fake sugar mommas might use their supposed lack of time as an excuse to meet in relatively private places. If she insists on meeting you at a location that feels very unfamiliar and uncomfortable for you, be cautious. My advice is to decline such requests. Always remember, your safety should be a sugar boy's top priority. It's better to avoid arrangements like this. You know, legitimate sugar mommas never make unreasonable demands.

Scammer Identifier #10. Stay in touch with you for more than a month without requesting a meeting.

Real sugar mommas rarely have time to interact with you on sugar momma dating websites due to their relatively busy lives. If they are interested in a potential sugar boy, they usually negotiate specific terms of the arrangement with him within two weeks. In contrast, most scammers and salt sugar mommas will chat with you for a long time to gain your trust but often avoid discussing further relationship commitments.


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Advice from author: In the online world, fraudsters lurk, constantly attempting to deceive you into revealing personal information, including your bank account details. However, as long as we remain vigilant, raise our security awareness, avoid clicking on unfamiliar links, refrain from easily trusting others' sweet talk, validate someone's identity through facts rather than intuition, and most importantly, avoid meeting strangers in unfamiliar places, we can effectively remove all scammers from the sugar bowl.

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